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Stepping Up to the Plate: Ken Shifrin Plays 30 Hits for Trombone CD

With the English Trombone Consort
(playing first trombone)

Myths, Legends, ETC

B is for Bruckner, Brahms, Boogie, ETC

Orchestral Recordings

(Partial list; all with Sir Simon Rattle and the CBSO, playing first trombone unless otherwise indicated).

Adams – Harmonielehre/The Chairman Dances
Bartok – Concerto for Orchestra/The Miraculous Mandarin/Piano Concerto 1-3
Beethoven – Symphonies 5, 6, 9/Overtures
Berg – Three Pieces/Lulu Suite/Wozzeck (selections)
Britten – War Requiem/Sinfonia da Requiem/American Overture
Bruckner – Trombone Aequale/Mass in E Minor
Debussy – Image
Doyle – Film Score to Henry V (first trombone and euphonium)
Elgar – Dream of Gerontius
Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue/Piano Concerto/Cuban Overture
Haydn – Creation
Henze – Symphony No 7/Barcarola (live)
Janacek – Sinfonietta (first trombone and bass trumpet)
Mahler – Symphony 1 (live)/Symphony 2/Symphony 6/Symphony 7 – first production (euphonium, first trombone, alto trombone)/Symphony 10
Maw – Odyssey (live)
Messiâen – Turangalila
Nielsen – Symphony 4
Prokofiev – Symphony 5/Scythian Suite
Ravel – Bolero/Daphnis et Chloe (complete)/Piano Concertos/Scheherazade
Schoenberg – Gurrelieder (brass trumpet)/Five Pieces
Shostakovich – Symphony 13 (Kamu)/Hypothetically Murdered (Mark Elder)
Schubert – Great C Major Symphony ( Israel Philharmonic, Zubin Mehta)
Sibelius – Symphonies 1-7/Violin Concerto
Stravinsky – Rite of Spring (bass trumpet and first trombone)/Pulcinella/Firebird Ballet (complete)/Petrushka/Symphony in Three Movements
Turnage – Three Screaming Popes (euphonium)
Walton – Symphony 1/Viola Concerto
Weil – Seven Deadly Sins/Mahogany (Israel Radio Orchestra, Lukas Foss)


David Maves, “D to A, for Ken Shifrin and Computer” (USA Premiere)
Leopold Mozart, “Concerto for Alto Trombone” (USA and British Premieres)
Leopold Mozart, “Agnus Dei” (British Première)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, “Jener Donnerworte Kraft” (British Premieres)
Richard Mudge, “Concerto for Alto Trombone”  USA and British  Premieres)
James Paisible, trans. Ken Shifrin: Sonata for Alto Trombone (USA and British Premieres)
Elizabeth Raum, “Three Jazz Moods for Ken Shifrin” (USA, British and Czech  Premières)


Post-Doctoral Exchange Scholar for British Academy and Czech Academy of Science: 2000-2004 ( Austria , Germany, France , Czech Republic )


Orchestral Study Books
Orchestral Excerpts for Euphonium and Bass Trumpet (with K. Hanlon)
Orchestral Excerpts for Alto Trombone
British Orchestral Excerpts for Trombone and Tuba (with D Longstaff)
Performance Publications (full list available on request)
Handel: Concerto in Ab Major for Trombone and Piano
W.A. Mozart: Jener Donnerworte Kraft for Tenor, Alto Trombone and Strings
Solo Baroque Trombone, Vol 1 (works by Eberlin, Schütz, Ziani)
Solo Baroque Trombone, Vol 2 (works by Eberlin, Reutter, Ziani)
The Baroque Trombone in Sonata (works by Fux, Tuma, Vejvanovský);
Leopold Mozart: Agnus Dei for Alto, Alto Trombone and Chamber Orchestra
Michael Haydn: Et Incarnatus for Alto, Alto Trombone, Tenor Trombone and Chamber Orchestra
Solo and Ensemble Arrangements
George Gershwin: Swanee for Solo Instrument and Piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: X-Rated Mozart for Trombone Quartet (with Adrian Taylor)
James Paisible: Sonata for Alto Trombone
Pryor: Cakewalk Contest for Solo Trombone and Piano
Pryor: Canhanibalmo Rag for Solo Trombone and Piano (with Guy Turner)
Old King Cole was a Real Hip Dude for Trumpet, Trombone and Piano
Sweet Molly, Naughty Molly for Tenor saxophone, Euphonium and Piano
What Do We Do with a Drunken Sailor in the Tavern in the Town? For Brass Quintet
“Jelly Roll” Morton:  Billy Goat Stomp as recorded by Winton Marsalis on
“Marsalis Standard Time No.6: Mr Jelly Lord”
Gottfried Reiche, Tower Sonata No. 3 for Trombone Quartet

Scholarly Articles

“An Exchange of Sharp Notes”, The Trombonist, Spring 1997
“Trombone Myth Busters No. 1: Dvořák Wrote for the Alto Trombone?”
International Trombone Journal, Spring 1997; re-printed in The Trombonist, Summer 1997; translated into German and re-printed in the IPV – Journal Das Schallstück, No. 22, 2/1997
“Trombone Myth Busters No. 2: Rossini Wrote for the Valve Trombone?” International Trombone Journal, Fall 1997; translated into German and re-printed in Das Schallstück, No. 23, 3/1997
“The Saint Thomas Sonata”, International Trombone Journal, Autumn 1999
“The Valve Trombone in the Nineteenth Century Orchestras of France, Germany , Austria and Bohemia”, Brass Bulletin, part 1: No. 111-III/2000; part 2: No. 112-IV/2000
“The Solo Trombone of the Bohemian Baroque”, Brass Bulletin, part 1: No. 119-III/2002; part 2: No. 120-IV/2002; part 3: No. 121-V/2002
“The Women’s Orchestra of Old Brno”, Early Music America, Summer 2005, Volume 11, Number 2; translated in Danish and reprinted in Tidig Musik, Nr3/2005, October 2005
“Trombone History”, with Jay Friedman, Brass Herald, part 1: December 2013; part 2:  February 2014
“Are We Playing Berlioz Right?”, International Trombone Journal, April 2015/Volume 43, Number 2
“Did Wagenseil Write the Wagenseil Concerto”, International Trombone Journal, July 2020, Volume 48, Number 3

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